Summer Movie Night Picks

  1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I cannot recommend this film enough. Hunt for the Wilderpeople follows young Ricky Baker, a foster child in New Zealand, and his adventures in the bush. Honestly, I think this is a solid pick for anything from a wine night with friends, a night in with family (even children), to snuggling up with someone special. It is endearing, energetic, hilarious and touching all at once. I found myself in tears from laughing so hard and from the film’s exploration into the loneliness and pain that the characters experience. Taika Waititi is a New Zealand director who has been gaining some steam in Hollywood, and for good reason. This film is hard to fault.

  1. Best in Show

This movie is hilarious. It has been one of the few movies I am able to quote since seeing it as a kid. The film follows contestants and their pups competing to win the prestigious ‘Best in Show’ title. The characters are all kooky and absurd. The mockumentary style that director Christopher Guest is known for works perfectly. You can’t go wrong with this choice, though it isn’t the most appropriate for younger audiences. That being said, I watched it as a child and I think I turned out okay.

  1. Butter

This is kind of cheap of me because this movie really reminds me of Best in Show. It plays on the same plot line of a super bizarre competition, only this is about butter carving. It’s strange yet so funny and satisfying to watch. It has a star studded cast, with Olivia Wilde playing a stripper, Jennifer Garner an uptight, trophy wife turned aspiring butter champion, Ty Burrell as the reigning champ and other characters played by Phyllis Smith, Kristen Schaal, Ashley Greene, the list goes on and on. This film was so much fun to watch and it’s a great choice to watch with family, friends or on a date.

  1. The Fundamentals of Caring

This film is a little heavier than the last few picks; however, it is still rich with humor and adventure as well as heartache. It’s another endearing film, with characters that grow on you throughout. It is simple, funny, and enjoyable. The director, Rob Burnett, that explores pain and grief with a deadpan humor that helps the film avoid clichés and being overly dark. I wouldn’t watch this anticipating groundbreaking work, but it’s a solid Indie film that will leave you feeling happy you watched it.

  1. The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back is a coming of age classic, in my opinion. (Honestly, who is the authority on what qualifies as a classic? Please let me know). I suppose something made in 2013 is a little young to be a classic, but seriously, I love this film. This movie captures the melancholy, discomfort of adolescence and pairs it perfectly with humor that isn’t too over the top. It is heartwarming and loveable and relatable; a perfect choice for a movie night, especially in the summer.

***All of these picks can be found on Netflix, with the exception of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which is on Hulu, Amazon and iTunes.

EDIT: The Way Way Back is not on Netflix!! You can rent it on Amazon or iTunes though!

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