A New Endeavor

People who know me are probably familiar with my endless film, TV show, and book recommendations. I relentlessly recommend and follow up by nagging my friends and family, making sure they’re taking my suggestions. Yep, I am that friend. Realizing that I am, indeed, that friend (and proud of it) made me realize that I need a better strategy. Clearly, I’m coming up a little short when it comes to force feeding my friends my hand selected media diet.

On that note, welcome to Rendering– my new way to share the media I love with the ones that I love. Here you’ll find reviews, lists, thoughts, about film, TV and media. I’m hoping to create a place to share media in a way that is accessible and useful.

This space is not to flaunt my film expertise or my ability to use a thesaurus for every other word I type. I love a New York Times film review as much as the next film major; but they can get pretty exhausting to read, and downright obnoxious. Thinking about cinema and television, and their impact on society, can and should involve anyone and everyone– not just the fancy schmancy PhDs. Reading articles by self-proclaimed cinephile snobs gets exhausting, and its intimidating. Rendering is here to change the dialogue up by giving meaningful thoughts while losing the pretension.

Bear with me as I work through the kinks and start to figure out what this platform is going to look/feel like. Eventually, I want a diverse group of voices populating the site. If you want to write, create, think or chat with me, please reach out!

As of right now the site is coming together, it’s growing and changing, it’s not quite final. 

It is… rendering! 

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